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signage tabs*

Enhance your in-store signage!

Stop Messy residues

Adhesive choices

  • Standard high performance formulation
  • Low Tack high performance formulation
  • Perma Bond formulation
    (For more permanent applications)
  • Low Temperature formulation
    (For refrigerated environments)
Stop messy taping

Miracle-Sticks® signage tab* models


Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs Solutions

  • Situation: Store signage execution
  • Taping Problem:
  • Taping is slow = Avoidable labor costs
  • Miracle-Sticks® Solution:
  • Fast to apply = Lower labor costs

  • Situation: Signage program
  • Taping Problem:
  • Taping detracts from signage program = Wasted money/effort/labor
  • Miracle-Sticks® Solution:
  • Enhances signage = Stretching your signage Dollars

  • Situation: Demos and fixtures
  • Taping Problem:
  • Taping residue = Discounting of expensive demos & dirty fixture
  • Miracle-Sticks® Solution:
  • Low-Residue so demos are sellable without discounts & fixtures last longer

  • Situation: Shrinkage
  • Taping Problem:
  • Taping costs are substantial yet not traceable (i.e. Shrinkage from taping, dirtying of surfaces)
  • Miracle-Sticks® Solution:
  • Costly tape shrinkage is reduced and quantities are controlled

  • Situation: Visual presentation
  • Taping Problem:
  • Taping looks messy = Less appealing shopping environment
  • Miracle-Sticks® Solution:
  • Keep your store looking clean, neat, and inviting for customers

Client Testimonial

Visual Merchandising Manager for a major retailer with over 300 stores:

"Initially, we were very skeptical that Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs would be of any use or benefit to our stores. We place tremendous strategic emphasis on our signage program and in-store merchandising, so we decided to do a test store to study the taping issue at store level."
"Like all retailers, we put a lot of pressure on our stores to make sure our sales signage is up on time and 100% complete. Our associates were using whatever means at their disposal to get the signs up on time. That resulted in associates using tape whenever clips could not be used for signage. We analyzed our tape usage, and actually found we used a lot of tape on our signage. For example, we used tape when signing odd fixtures, floor models, boxed/skidded merchandise, odd racks, glass counters and wherever we were missing clips. The tape was dirtying and aging our strips and fixtures and made our signage look untidy to customers. Also, associates often took tape from our office supply racks which resulted in costly shrinkage."
"After banning tape and testing Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs in the test store, our operation team's overwhelming conclusion was that aside from improved store merchandising for our customers, Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs are cheaper to use than tape. They significantly accelerate in-store execution of our signage program. They do not leave tape gunk on our fixturing so they effectively prolong our fixture life. We found that Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs are faster, cheaper, and neater than taping."

A word from the inventor of Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs *patented:

As the inventor, I am proud to say that this major retailer has become one of our largest clients for Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs. We have repeated this pattern with other clients who, although skeptical at first, were open to trying Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs*Patented and discovered operational efficiencies that lead to reduced costs and improved/accelerated in-store execution for their signage programs.
Let us do a free test store and prove how Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs*Patented can enhance your in-store signage program execution.

Carl Pomerantz
Inventor of Miracle-Sticks® Signage Tabs*