Hi-Impact Products
Shelf Strips*

Solutions for your signage needs!

Stays put

Strips stay put!

SuperStrip adhesive is specially formulated for solid bonding. Full 1/2" glue coverage.

UV inhibitor

Formulated for Prolonged Exposure to Fluorescent Store Lighting!

UV Inhibited Plastic prevents cracking or yellowing over time.

Rounded Corners

Revolutionary Rounded Corners*

Improved Safety = no more cuts!
No more snags = longer strip life.

Signage stays put

Signage stays put!

Specific overhang hook design grips shelf-talkers and sign holders.

Window snaps shut

Window snaps shut!

Durable and flexible window built to retain memory and shape for repeated price ticket changes.

Quality Control

Production Date embossed on each strip for quality control and lifespan tracking

Direct to Store Shipment Programs - Hassle-Free!
Our mission is to supply you with the best strip ever made - bar none!

Shelf Strip Models

All above SuperStrip models 4' long and hold 1-1/4" labels
Custom colours and lengths upon request.

Available in rolls of 100', 200' or 400' with a height of 1.25" or 3"

Colored insert rolls

Standard colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, and Grey. Custom colors upon request.

Available in all widths starting from 1" wide and in any length up to 48″ long

Plastic chits

Standard colors: Clear, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, and, White.